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does not seem to reflect the latest news (2018-2019)

It’s been this way for several years now. It is not expected to be fixed because “fixed” is not defined for this feed.

If you want to monitor the releases, you can always subscribe to the project’s Github feed for new releases.

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@davidsneighbour I would appreciate your comments on this:

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Done. I think one single feed with releases would make the most sense. There was no news (or blog posts) for quite a while, and GoHugo has no marketing team that would create content for such. So having just a releases feed makes the most sense to me.

As of yesterday, the news feed includes releases and content of .Type “news” (i.e., blog posts in the news directory). Currently there are no blog posts, but if we make a non-release announcement it will show up in the news feed.

I think the home page news feed should be identical, and that we should remove other section feeds.

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This is resolved. See:

The various RSS services/apps (e.g., Feedly) should update within 24 hours or so (they cache feeds).

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