Host on GitHub: index page shows RSS feed instead of

I followed a simple instruction for hosting my blog on GitHub:

The only thing I changed in workflow config is branch name (from main to master).

Workflow successfully finish for every commit I made. But when I open page I see xml structure with RSS feed data:

If I run Hugo site locally everything is fine. What I am doing wrong?

Post a link to your repo and we can most likely help you. Without the code we can just guess.

Sure, here it is: GitHub - leksuss/


title: ""
date: 2023-04-08T00:47:51+03:00
draft: true

Why is draft set to true?

Ooops, you are right. draft: false solved problem. I copied this file from theme example, and I don’t thought I should change something to work it correctly.

Thank you for you help!

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