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The Hugo release-notes URL — — now produces a page-not-found error, and I couldn’t find release-notes link on the updated Hugo site or on GitHub.

Digging around in GH, I found that the spf13/hugo repo still has a release-notes page, which includes both older and new releases —
(I also found the sources for the latest release in the gohugoio/hugo repo:

I think that having a Release Notes page on the site, or a link to the relevant GH page, which can be easily located, is a must.

P.S. Congrats on the new docs!

Have a look at the news section :wink:

@rdwatters what do you think about adding a redirect?

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I don’t know how I missed that … . I would also recommend, however, that if users search for “release notes” or “change log” the news page will appear in the results. It’s not entirely standard to use “News” for release notes / change logs.

I definitely think that the old release-notes URL should redirect to the new release notes (the News page if this is the intended release-notes route). This is what I had expected.

Thanks for the prompt reply.
I expected the old URL to redirect to the new page

Hey, @sharonl we just released the new site, so we’re adjusting to a new way of being with some things. The release notes will, I believe, always exist in the Hugo repo’s releases and the news section on the new site will have more than just release notes, so, releases will likely be at and more clearly denoted in the future.

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Alias added: