Resources not available in section. Hugo 0.56.3

This seems to be a bug. In short I have a tag with an file and it displays the content like expected, but not the header which is a resource param.

The source to confirm this is here: git clone && cd DI-Public; && git lfs pull

  • what’s the tag’s name?
  • can you explain the .pt. part a little bit more?
  • which URL is displaying the content but not the header content?

I am loading your repo as we read :wink:

the tag is Twitterchatpt

The .pt. is because some content, like that tag, is only relevant in Portuguese.

the url will be /pt/tags/twitterchatpt/


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OK, I think I misunderstood the problem to be a general “resources in branch bundles doesn’t work” (which surprised me).

I assume this is it:

If so, we do not bundle images inside any of the taxonomy pages. We should probably do so, but that is another story.

The way you wrote the title of the github issue was more accurate, for example this page contains a header as a resource:

but unless I have the same _index file for the default language the image is not rendered to frontend.

Following the logic that in Hugo “everything is a page” that makes sense to me, but I leave it up to those who understand the codebase better.

Following up on this, I just checked again and the problem still occurs in hugo 0.66.

The resources only get bundled if there is a alongside the corresponding

The expected behaviour would be to have only the file to be able to access the images.