I cannot find resources for a page

tl;dr I have defined a type and a layout. In the layout html I cannot find any resources. (.Resources.Match "*.*" returns nothing AFAICT)

I am new to hugo and struggling a bit.

In the html for my layout I tried:

        {{ range .Resources.Match "*.*" }}
        <p> Resource <span> {{ .Name }} </span> </p>
        {{ end }}

(and variations on that theme) and there are no results.

I have some confusion over branch and leaf bundles. I have read the docs but I think this is a leaf bundle being Collection of content and attachments for single pages but I am lost.

The whole story follows

My type image_details is defined with a entry in the theme under layouts/image_details

There are two files in there:
layouts/image_details/image.html defining the layout
layouts/image_details/index.html This as far as I can tell does nothing.

Over in my content I have three files and a directory.
content/image_details/_index.md Breaks every thing if index.html

The directory has two files

The contents of dog.md

title: "A Picture of a Dog"
date: 2019-05-13T22:22:48Z
draft: true
layout: image
image: dog.jpg
url: dog

# Dog


title: "A Cat Picture"
date: 2019-05-08T06:17:05Z
draft: false
image: cat.png
layout: "image"
url: cat

# A Cat


Could you try to move the contents of dog.md to /content/dog/index.md and images into the same folder and see if it works?

@kaushalmodi just wrote this in another post

.md files other than the index.md in leaf bundles become page resources (something that a branch bundles cannot have), and so they don’t render to HTML directly.

This should make things clearer.

No it does not help, it is worse.
I now no longer get the template image.html at all.

Then you should probably share your source code/repository.

It works when I use /content/dog/index.md in my local setup.