Resources and Branch Bundles

I have a problem with hugo server and resources in a branch bundle. My bundle is as follows:


I have a shortcode to display image resources that I am using from It works fine when I start hugo server but then if I make any change to the file and save it then it no longer works. Then I restart hugo server and it works again.

From the debugging I have done it seems that when I start hugo server the following code in my shortcode returns three images as expected

{{ $images := .Page.Resources.ByType "image" }}

but when I make a change to and the file is reloaded the above code only returns a single image (Copy.png).

Does anyone have any ideas on what is going wrong?


Did you try running hugo server --DisableFastRender ?

Thanks - I did try that but same issue

Looks like you will need to share the site source, or a dummy site source that shows the problem you see. Then only someone can reproduce the problem and debug it.

I do have a similiar problem.
The following code only returns an image until I change something in – then the resources disappear and I have to restart the server.

{{$images := .Page.Resources.Match "*"}}
{{ range $images }}
  {{ .RelPermalink }}
{{ end }}

Again, as previously asked to the initial author, do you have a repo for someone to look at?