[solved] Multi Language site not building content

Originally opened this topic: Multi-language v0.36 no longer building content pages – why?

But had the issue closed prematurely with no resolve other than to “search” —I can’t seem to find the words that are bringing up the right post or the resolve to this issue. Can anyone help guide me to where I should look to get the content compiling once again (Hugo 0.36)

The issue has been resolved! What the answer to the previous topic should have been, to help aid the community, is simply:

Check if you have an ‘index.md’ file in your content. If you do, make sure it has an underscore in-front of it, other wise it will causes issues with leafing

Futhermore, here’s upcoming documentation regarding Page Bundles: https://hugo-sandbox.netlify.com/hugodocs/content-management/page-bundles/

Turns out, if you have an index.md because you want home page content – It needs an underscore before index.

Drilling down into the why this changed from 0.31 to 0.36, I’ll leave these helpful links and highlighted points here:

Content pages in or below “index.md” will not get their own URL, but will be part of the .Resources collection of its page.

Oh, and if you ever have someone responding to a topic saying “Read the release notes” and you’re slightly confused where to find them, they’re referencing the github releases section: https://github.com/gohugoio/hugo/releases

A Branch Bundle is any directory at any hierarchy within the content/ directory, that contains at least an _index.md file.

This _index.md can also be directly under the content/ directory.

By default, Hugo considers the first directory level under content/ as a section. But a branch bundle can be used to create a section at any hierarchy.