Repeated footnotes are duplicated - any solution other than fixing blackfriday?

Is there any solution to this other than fixing blackfriday?

Currently doing


More text[^one]

[^one]: URL

results in


More text^2

1: here
2: here

Instead of (like wikipedia)

Text ^1

More text^1

1 a,b: URL

Are you trying to do footnotes or just in-copy anchors? For me, I’ve never had an issue using numbered footnotes:

He is current the worst President the world has ever known. [^1]

[^1]: Read more about [Donald Trump]( 

Or referencing the same link multiple times within copy by creating a ref link that I define at the bottom:

I can't believe what [he][trump] said in [yesterday's press conference][trump] at the [White House][trump].


@rdwatters thanks for commenting. trying to do footnotes.


though looks like blackfriday won’t fix. @rdwatters do you see any solutions?

@rdwatters Thank you very much for commenting on github. Looks like that has sparked some activity. I appreciate it

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