Weird footnotes show two arrows with different addresses but same result

A bunch of my footnotes’ back references display two :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:︎ instead of one (sorry, I can’t escape that damn character).
What’s wrong with this styling btw ? I found several different ways to modify footnotes, this is the one clas my browser’s developer tool mentioned. Though some properties don’t work…

.footnote-ref {
font-size: 1rem;
color: yellow;
&:hover {
color: red;
&:visited {color: orange;} /* doesn’t work*/

works fine but I saw the weird footnotes are not affected by it, so they’re not of the class “footnote-ref” ?

In a pair one back reference has the address “http://localhost:1313/blabla/#fnref1:2” the other “http://localhost:1313/blabla/#fnref:2
Both work

Goldmark allows use the same footnote marker more than once to reference the same footnote text more than once. I suspect you are doing that. Then you get multiple back-references from the footnote to all the markers referencing it.

Except I did not have such multiple references of the same footnote, and I verified, and the day after it wasn’tn rendered that way again. Beside like I said both back references in a pair pointed at the same exact place even as the address differed a bit.
so bug that was. funny one though !

This would be a bug in the Goldmark renderer. Maybe you could reproduce it in a small example repository and file an issue for the Goldmark project?

The possibility to use the same marker more than once is a relatively new feature.

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