Footnote problems with markdown

I’m using v0.13-DEV buildDate: 2014-12-13T10:03:26-06:00. My footnotes are being generated like this:

<sup class="footnote-ref" id="fnref:4e97c4f6dc307e09ab266d7ceea7b3d2:1"><a rel="footnote" href="#fn:4e97c4f6dc307e09ab266d7ceea7b3d2:1">1</a></sup>

<div class="footnotes">

<hr />

<li id="fn:4e97c4f6dc307e09ab266d7ceea7b3d2:1"><p>Footnote reference</p>
 <a class="footnote-return" href="#fnref:4e97c4f6dc307e09ab266d7ceea7b3d2:1">↩</a></li>

These links are not working. (Here is an full example.) I suppose it should be clear why they are not, but I don’t know if it’s path problem or if it’s related to the apparently superfluous code generated in the hrefs.

Weird. @halostatue would know better, but I use the same version and some footnotes on my stite with success:

It’s in Norwegian, but the footnotes works.

I think it’s probably because of your header including <base href="">. I’m not sure that footnote URLs will work properly with base href, and that’s something in blackfriday. (I can think of how to fix it, but it’s Yet Another Option to Blackfriday to make it work.)


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Removing the base href tag does fix it. I’ll have to see if that’s going to break links elsewhere.

Sorry for entering this old thread, but I ran into the same problems.

Removing the base href tag breaks the display of the tag page, so I can’t use this fix. Are there any other solutions?

Probably not. <base href> prefixes all relative links on a page with the provided href, including in-page links, and is generally a bad idea.

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Thanks a lot @halostatue. I now remove the tag and adjusted URLs on other pages. Now it seems to works.