Render markdown file as single page rather than a post

I am using Hugo universal theme.

Similar as other theme, if I put the .md file inside content folder it will be rendered as “single page”, and if I move it to “Blog” folder inside this content folder, then it is rendered as a post.

My problem is that I have many .md files which I want to render as single page, but it is too messy to put them altogether in content folder.

Is there a simple way (sorry, you can see that I don’t now Hugo very well)to put them in different folders (maybe still under content folder), but till render them as single page?

I tried to add layout:pages or type:pages, it did not work.

Thanks a lot.

Two ways come to mind:

(1) put them all under a section, then in the list template for that section, range through each page, appending their content to the current page.

(2) put them all under a page bundle, then in the single template for that page, do something similar to above.

(3) as you mentioned, put them in different folders, then use front matter to identify each page in some way. Then in one of your templates, range through each page that meets your criteria, etc.

@zwbetz Thanks a lot. I have solved this problem following your help.:heart:

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I wonder if this would work:

type: "page"

inside the metadata block at the top of the .md file