Include md files


I would like to make a mostly one page site. Now I have the index.html and has the several parts of my webpage included in it, like

{{ template “partials/…” . }}

The parts aren’t posts, they are like: about, links, downloads, etc…

So far so good, but many of the included parts are trivial html files, and I would like to use Markdown for them.

It’s it possible?


I found this that seems a solution, but seems a bit… ugly.

This wouldn’t be possible with Hugo as it exists now, but there’s no reason that this couldn’t be done by adding a markdown template parser like ace or amber parsers (this would probably be running the parser through Blackfriday and then running it as a Go html template). (See this discussion for a little bit on how amber and ace templates would work for Hugo.

Thanks @halostatue , I’ll check it out!