How do I create a single page - what to put in layout/markdown files

Hi all,

I am new to Hugo and started going through the documentation and watching some videos about Hugo.

What I’d like to do is creating a single page website. I want to use the Hyperspace template of html5up for that:

So far I have set up the theme and made most of the changes in the themes layout files. The thing I am struggling with is how I correctly work with the markdown files or maybe I just have a different expectation of how things work.

What I want to achieve is (if you look at the template) put the repeating boxes you can see at “who we are” and also at “what we do” into markdown files. Lets say for “who we are” I make a subfolder named persons into the content folder and depending on how many markdown files I put in there, this results in how many repeating boxes will be rendered in the “who we are” section. I’d like to do the same for the “what we do” section.

Is this something I can do with Hugo or am I heading in a complete wrong direction?

Thanks for your help!

Here’s something which might help you:

To add to the link that @Leo_Merkel pasted, he’s referring to the Page Bundles feature. You can find its detailed documentation here.

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