How to render html content file as template?

:wave: I have home page layout file layout/home.html which contains:
{{ define “main” }} {{ .Content }} {{ end }}

It normally displays the contents of file content/_index.html, but I would very much like it to not just display, but first render file content/_index.html as a template. Is it possible?

(inb: yes, there are shortcodes, but templates are more powerful)

use a partial

Partials don’t work in a content files

rename content/_index.html to content/

PS: you can set a specifier layout in frontmatter

No, it is not.

I’m not sure what you mean by “templates are more powerful.” What do you want to do that cannot be accomplished with a shortcode?

it is sad

at least I wouldn’t have to wrap all template/partial calls in inline shortcodes…