Quick sanity check regarding integrating webapp and static content?

Before I commit to Hugo, I was wondering if someone from @support could give me a quick sanity check on my thinking.

A response of “you can totally do this, just keep researching and you’ll figure it out.” from a member of the support team is a more than adequate response to this post. I am pretty sure this is the response, I just want someone who is smarter than me about Hugo to weigh in :slight_smile:

Conceptually speaking, I have a site – call it STATIC – and a single-page web app – call it DASHBOARD. I would like to generate STATIC with Hugo and have one of the links point to DASHBOARD but with a consistent header and domain name structure (e.g., DASHBOARD.somedomain.whatev) similar to how Discourse is integrated within gohugo.io. Note also that with the exception of the hyperlinking, STATIC and DASHBOARD are mutually exclusive. Is this possible and reasonably painless (e.g., with shortcodes)?

I’m pretty sure that the answer is yes, but I just wanted to make sure.


Yes. The manner you’ve described is in line with how static websites work. Hugo will generate such a static site.