Best Practices for combining staticly generated sites. Is this possible?


I’m trying to asses the feasibility of something.

I have a pretty simple Hugo site. On the site, I have a page at /status that I maintain manually. I think I’d rather use another static generator, statusfy ( ), to create a status page, but I’d like the page to match the look and feel of my Hugo site, as well as taken on the Hugo menuing and such.

My first thought was to run a script against the generated statusfy static content to strip out the relevant bits and rebuild it as Hugo content,but that feels very hackey.

Is there a cleaner way to integrate two static generated sites?

FWIW, I have a build process that uses Githug+AWS CodePipelines > AWS S3

Thanks in advance!

There is a Hugo Theme for Status Pages in case you haven’t seen it:

Regarding your question about using Hugo in tandem with another SSG I never tried myself, so I cannot answer.

Thanks! This looks serviceable.
It’s sending me down the past of figuring out how to merge HUGO themes instead. Still looks messy, but decidedly less messy.

hmm. If you can use statusfy to export its status to your static folder in your Hugo project (say into /static/status), then Hugo should just render it as is. Just make sure you get rid of what is making url path /status.