A simple static page

I just starting working with Hugo and it seems pretty good. I have modded a theme that I like, I have added syntax highlighting and it all works well with some test posts.
BUT I’d now just like to add two static pages and I just can’t make it work and all tutorials seem rather complicated so I was figuring they must be about something else.

I just want:

about | blog | foobar

blog shall have the posts and this works.

about shall be the start page and just render the contents of content/about.md.
foobar shall just render the contents of content/foobar.md.

By I just can’t get this working… is this not a super simple standard case?

Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for your help!

I have accomplished something like I want with:
github.com/spf13/hugo/issues/330#issuecomment-67890306 [link restriction]
But ist still seems more complicated to than it should be?

You found your solution in a 3 year old comment. This is much simpler now, but I suggest you try to read up on the documentation:

Then, when doing that, if there are still some concrete questions to ask, please start another thread.