Quick questions regarding icon and view size


I am really loving Hugo and been using it as my portfolio website.
I just recently updated my website, but I just had some few questions.

  1. When I am working on the website locally, the website shows my personal icon, but after I deploy it, the icon is only shown as the academic cap icon. I was wondering what could be wrong?

  2. Also, when I am working on the website locally, I realized that the website view is smaller (as in the website components are all smaller) than when the website is actually deployed. I was wondering if you can forcefully set the size of the website?

Thank you, and Happy New Years Eve!

Your first question sounds like a browser cache issue. Try visiting your website in a private window. The correct icon should show up.

Your second question I don’t know. Never had such a problem.

Both of your questions are front end related. Hugo doesn’t really have to do anything with both issues.

Hey @alexandros Thanks for the reply. Problem is solved. Thanks!!