Font size messed up and social icons disappear after building website

Dear all,
I’m quite new to hugo but I managed to create my website successfully some months ago. Yesterday I added some contents and build the site via markdown as I usually do, but something went wrong although I have not changed any of the basis configurations - and now the font (size) look very weird and the social icon below my picture disappeared ( I’ve already tried to:

  • copy paste the new config.toml with the Goldmark and run everything again
  • update the software I use to run the markdown files, which is R
  • go back to the previous version of the webpage (i.e., before the changes I made before building the website
    but with no success. I’d be grateful for any suggestions on what to do.
    Thank you.

hard to guess without seeing your code.

Are you using a theme?
Is your code available somewhere? (GitHub etc…)

Yes, I am using hugo academic and my code should be available here:

Thanks a lot for any help!

This is the produced html (generated by Hugo). We need to Hugo Project’s code to debug anything Hugo.