How can I upload posts from a phone?

Hello there.

I’m looking for ways to ease writers for a news site I made so they can publish from their phones.

These guys have no technical know-how and are looking for an app to help them do this. 9 guys are using android phones and 3 use iPhones.

Is it possible? Is there an app I can link up with hugo and have it allow publishing from their phones

Don’t know about Android, but the iPhone users can try Working Copy:

. . . although you’d obviously have to do some explaining of Git if they truly don’t get tech stuff at all.

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That’s a tricky one.

If you absolute want to work with non-tech savvy people, a CMS sounds like the best approach. But, with a staff of 10+… that adds some complexity for you.

To begin with, I don’t know if there are any free services for that.

You might want to try something with Git, even if a bit complex.

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