Probably an idiot question, upgrade to 0.17

Hey guys,
Need to upgrade from 15 to 17.

Upgrading Hugo is as easy as downloading and replacing the executable you’ve placed in your PATH.

Problem is I have hugo in a folder called: usr/local/bin/hugo_0.15_darwin_amd64

If I just insert the hugo_0.17_darwin_amd64 FOLDER here and remove the old folder it doesn’t work. If I change the name of the 0.17 exec to 0.15, Hugo is found and it prints out the correct version – but hugo server goes completely out of whack and stops working.

What am I missing here?

Hi, the best way is to install a .deb-Package

just use

sudo dpkg -i deb-package

Hey @Beny
Works on MacOS?

@samrich Are you on OSX? If so, homebrew is your best bet…

Ok, so I installed homebrew and upgraded according to Michael Hendersons guide:

The package has been installed, but hugo server got whacked again, saying its accessible through: //localhost:1313///se (swedish language subfolder where all content is located) – problem is that url isn’t accessible since the two last slashes are removed automatically, so can’t run it.

Suppose it could have something to do with multilingual support in ver 0.17?

Ok, so tried killing baseurl = "/se/" in config-file, that fixed the triple slash issue. Now it remains to figure out how I get it to work with my multiling subfolder

@samrich I have been having the same issue with upgrading, and I did not use homebrew (which would have been worse and it is not even maintained anymore by Apple). Even though I supposedly removed the old folder I had installed, Hugo is still recognized as being in there. Now I can’t upgrade to v0.21 which I need desperately because of truncate feature in order for my site to work!

@samrich I know this is months later, but I had mentioned that I had a similar issue. Well, I had forgotten that a while back I had installed Hugo with Homebrew. I think I had problems back then, but now everything is working fine for me. If you are still having issues, just do the following command int Terminal to remove hugo:

brew uninstall hugo

That will remove it. Then just re-install:

brew install hugo

Then make sure it has been installed successfully:

hugo version

Today, the latest version should be v0.21. Hope this helps!

Best regards,