If and how to upgrade to latest release

Apologies for a very simple question. I am currently using Hugo v0.98.0+extended darwin/arm64 on an M1 Mac Mini running macOS 13 (Ventura). I use it to build/maintain a static website, using the hello-friend theme, and it works a treat. Hugo is now up to v0.107.0. Should I upgrade? If so, how? I installed Hugo with Homebrew. Looking at past posts I suspect that I need to uninstall (brew uninstall hugo) and reinstall (brew install hugo). Is that so?
If I have problems with v0.107.0 can I revert to v0.98.0? Thanks!

Hi, I’m sure others will give you a more exhaustive answer, so just a couple of thoughts:

  • If you don’t need any new features of Hugo, then IMHO there is no pressing need to upgrade.
  • Before you upgrade, check the release notes and the updates of your theme for any breaking changes/incompatibilities that might affect you.
  • If you upgrade hugo with brew (I believe a brew update; brew upgrade hugo will do the trick), you won’t be able to downgrade with brew (brew supplies only the latest version of hugo, for reasons described in another thread that I can’t find now)
  • To test the new hugo version before upgrading the one installed with brew, I’d recommend downloading the relevant tar.gz file for the release from Releases · gohugoio/hugo · GitHub , extracting the hugo binary from it, and then using it to build your project (something like running ~/Downloads/hugo serve from your project directory) and checking the output. That way if you run into issues that you cannot solve, you can keep using the old version.


Thanks very much for just the sort of advice that I am seeking. I’m very happy to accept your ‘humble opinion’; the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” seems to be particularly appropriate. Nevertheless, your additional comments on how to test a later version before committing to it could prove to be very helpful. Thanks again.