Post didn't show

Hi there,

i started with Hugo this weekend and tried to create my first post, but i still stuck on showing the banner.

title: "First Hugo Post"
date: 2021-04-26T11:42:59+02:00
draft: true
tags: ["test"]
categories: ["test"]
banner: "banner/first_post.jpg"
author: "André Driesel"

And i put the banner in:

But it still displays the default image.

I didn’t see the error, what am i doing wrong?

Are you publishing drafts? Drafts are not published by default.

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draft wasn’t the problem, was set to true.
the path and the variable were the problems.

Instead of banner i had to use “image” and need to have following folder structure:

Thanks for your fast answer! :wink:

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