Post link leads nowhere and images not showing up on site

Hi, I am trying to get a post up on my site, but am not able to do so. I’ve edited under content/posts/, and run the hugo server command, but when I click the link ‘read more’ from the main page to see the rest of the post, I am led to a blank page. I am also trying to post an image on the post, but it is not showing up. I have added the image in the ‘static’ folder, and can also see it in the ‘public’ folder. However, when I reference the image with markdown in my post it does not show up. Can someone please tell me what I need to do to get the post to appear and the image to show on the page? Thanks! Here is

title: "About Us"
date: 2018-08-06T10:24:47-07:00
draft: false


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The output of the site is both your content and the templates. Please read Requesting Help and update your post with more information.

To understand how Hugo generates web pages, I suggest following the quick start. That should get you to the questions you need. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll update my post accordingly. I have tried to follow the quick start guide as closely as possible, but I cannot seem to get a theme or image up on the site. Can you please give a set of steps that I can use to enable a theme on the site? Thanks!

No. You can read all the docs and try to figure it out from there. You might also searching the web for tutorials. :slight_smile: