Personal web site converted from WordPress

To bad the showcase category isn’t more active, I’d love to see more Hugo sites for inspiration.

Anyway, here’s my personal site,

I’ve had a website in one form or another since 1996-ish, but didn’t bother to back stuff up during the early years, so that’s all gone now. But I’ve got content back to Y2K that had to be migrated from WordPress to Hugo. I found a WordPress plugin that did most of the heavy lifting, but it still involved a lot of manual work - and there’s is a lot more that has to be done before I can turn off WordPress…

The site is using a modified version of the Hello Friend NG theme, and I’ve got everything setup with a Jenkins pipeline that pulls from a Git repo, build with Hugo, and then publishes to my mini-itx server with rsync.

Thanks for creating Hugo, it’s a pleasure to work with.