I have published my hugo website today

I have moved this website from Jekyll to Hugo.
Let me know what you think: https://tuxstash.de/

It took me about 2 weekends to do this, not too complicated, I had to find workarounds for some custom addons I have used with Jekyll, but so far, everything looks good. I have also replaced the css library from materialized to foundation.css.



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I like the color scheme, but my favorite desktop browser won’t get native WebP support for a couple of months (until I manually update to it) and there’s no JPEG/PNG fallback.

Then again, if I were in your shoes, I’d strongly consider not bothering with JPEG/PNG fallbacks with <source>/<picture>

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Sorry to hear that, I was under the impression all major browsers have it now. Overlooked the date on the “caniuse” page for webp. Gonna add fallbacks at the weekend. Don’t want you to miss out on my awesome programmer art and CC0 pictures :D.

And thanks for the praise.