I built a modern blog/portfolio theme for Hugo, great for personal branding sites and more!

Hi all,

I recently decided to release the theme behind my personal site to the public: Hugo Liftoff.

It’s a modern blog/portfolio theme catered towards those wanting to jump-start a personal branding site or portfolio in any industry.

This is my first attempt at creating a theme so let me know what you think!

Some notable features:

  • Series taxonomy with next/prev and “in this series” list
  • Nested subsections and submenus
  • Customizable newsletter opt-in with Netlify forms
  • Landing page
  • Many other customizations and SEO-friendly features

While there are still a few kinks to work out, I’m pretty happy with how it came out so far.

If you’re searching for a nice looking theme where you can blog and showcase your projects, definitely give it a shot.

I’m also looking for contributors and plan to keep improving it over time so feel free to fork it and play around!


Version 2 of Hugo Liftoff is live with a new demo site, better documentation, and a handful of enhancements / fixes.

View Demo
View on Github

I’ve still yet to get my pull request merged into the official themes site. Fingers crossed that will happen soon.

If anyone wants to help contribute I would be really appreciative. Together we can build the best looking and most customizable blog/portfolio Hugo theme for creators!

All feedback welcome.


Quick update on the development of this theme. I recently improved the design of my personal site and I’m considering updating Hugo Liftoff to use this new design. This version is more minimalistic and content-focused.

Notable changes include:

  • More recent posts on the homepage that you can filter by content subsection (instead of cards that link to each subsection)
  • Light/dark mode toggle using css custom properties
  • Sticky table of contents for posts on desktop
  • More responsive project cards and additional projects on homepage
  • Various other enhancements to the code and responsiveness

I would love some feedback before I put the effort in to port these changes over to the theme itself. Let me know what you think!

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Completely revamped design for Hugo Liftoff theme is now available on Github! (has been for some time, sorry forgot to update :slight_smile:)

I’m really digging this sleek new design for use on my personal site. If you need any combo of the following:

  • Nested content sections with homepage filters
  • Series posts with next/prev
  • Projects
  • Clean design with dark/light mode toggle

Have a look, give it a spin, and let me know what you think!

Finally got around to adding the theme to the themes showcase. Not sure why I put that off for so long. Hopefully more people who are interested in a portfolio theme can discover it now.

I’m going to work on making the theme more customizable next. For example, currently you can’t disable projects and just use it as a blog (which some users have requested). Additionally, posts and projects permalinks are hardcoded and can’t be changed safely without overriding a bunch of layouts. Little things like that.