Unknown error message

Getting this error but I can’t understand what’s the issue, everything seems fine. Anyone ever got something like this?

Here is the Github repo

They’re warnings, not errors. Each warning is about a missing layout template. If your site/theme runs fine and looks how you want it to, you can probably ignore them. (see below comments by others, I incorrectly assumed this was an index-page-only theme)

I assume you get these warning when running without a theme. I’m not sure what you mean by “seems fine”; without any templates you don’t get any output.

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I’d like to just add to your corrected post …

Warnings are there for a reason … that they should be fixed by the user. They are designed to be an eyesore so that people would fix the underlying issue even if to just get rid of that eyesore :slight_smile:

For things that are fine without getting fixed, they are not made warnings.

And of course, for things that must be immediately fixed, those are errors.


Disagreed (well, at least for my use case) :slight_smile: , let me clarify.

I’ve used hugo for small personal projects where all I needed was in index page. So my only content was content/_index.md, and my only template was layouts/index.html. When running hugo server, I get warnings like:

Found no layout for “taxonomyTerm”

But I can safely ignore these, since they’re not needed for my project. And yes, I realize I can place this in my config file to remove the warnings:

disableKinds = ["taxonomy", "taxonomyTerm"]

That translates to “Be warned, you will get a 404 if you try to access that page kind.”

Understood. But that is subjective. You know that you don’t need that layout, but it’s difficult to propagate that knowledge to someone else (in case you are sharing that theme to others).

… and that’s the right way. By doing that, you are documenting that you don’t want your theme to publish those pages, intentionally.

Good points. 'Tis a lesson to myself to be more specific in my language.

@peoray when I looked at your repo in your previous thread, I noticed there was something not quite right with the way you included the theme as a submodule. Looking at the current state of your repo, it seems you’ve downloaded the theme directly into your repsitory - which will be fine, depending on how you’re planning to host your blog.

edit: I just saw you’ve got netlify.toml in your directory, so you’re probably planning to host there. In which case you’ll need to get have your theme as a submodule. Should be as simple as deleting the current themes/ghostwriter directory and following the instruction (link above).

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