"Page not Found" on local server

I am not sure how to diagnose this, but I am seeing a “page not found” message on local server (multilingual) since version 0.123.3 (or so). The recent one is from running hugo server --renderToMemory, making a few edits, then coming back a few hours later to wake the computer from sleep mode. I have experienced the issue around 3 times within the last 24 hours.

On the priority list for v0.123.x, things like this are pretty low unless they are consistently and quickly repeatable. If you continue to see this in a few months, come back and create a new topic here.

Logging a bug on something like this right now would be a distraction/annoyance.

I will keep this in mind since this issue is also coming up again a few times, with as recent as 0.123.4. So, those are two issues to look out for.

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