Page build failed due to Invalid YAML in data file but my theme doesn't have any? Only TOML

Hi, newbie here. I’ve been able to run my code on localhost and see changes reflected. When I pushed to Github, I received a page build error for YAML. Since only TOML is available for the theme I’m using (Academic) I’m not sure what’s causing the issue.

The email I receive on failure is pretty vague too, so it doesn’t help:

The page build failed for the master branch with the following error:

There was a YAML syntax error on line 2 column 1 in <unknown>: did not find expected key while parsing a block mapping. For more information, see

For information on troubleshooting Jekyll see:

If you have any questions you can contact us by replying to this email.

Repository is at

Thank you so much :frowning:

How are you publishing to GitHub pages? A script? If so, share that.

Your repo is empty. Anyhow, are you trying to build your Hugo site with GitHub? That works for Jekyll, but not Hugo. You need to generate the site first, and publish the public directory to where it needs to be; I don’t use GitHub, but I believe that is the process.

We could figure it out if your repo had code. :slight_smile:

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