Hugo+githubpages not working... I had octopress before

( I keep getting this… I recreated the repo like 100 times in case there was something from my old blog… but I keep getting this error from github :frowning: why? also it mentions jekyll 3.0 maybe thats the issue?

The page build failed with the following error:

A file was included in assets/bootstrap/docs/customize.html that is a symlink or does not exist in your _includes directory. For more information, see

GitHub Pages was recently upgraded to Jekyll 3.0. It may help to confirm you’re using the correct dependencies:

If you have any questions you can contact us by replying to this email

What were the results of your troubleshooting steps github mentions in the link?

Hello Rick, thanks for the reply.
well basically I check that he was right or not… the files he mentions are not symlinks and not only that… if I remove one… and restart then complaints about the next one and so on… I used the octopress migration tool so not sure if that could be a problem… but I dont think so I think is related to github because locally works like a charm… so if I can see my website just fine locally should work remotely as well… this is why im suspicious that github is not compatible with hugo since they upgraded or something.

to confirm I was able to very easy put it on s3 and works like a charm… so there is something with github… to bad because github is free :confused:

In general, the key here seems to understand that Hugo isn’t Jekyll. GitHub have native build-support for Jekyll. It seems that it thinks that your site is a Jekyll site and it fails, not surprisingly. There are tutorials on the docs site about how to get a Hugo site up and running on GitHub.

I don’t have the answer to this, but, how is github triggering the build. Perhaps there is something remaining in your git meta files, such as a post-commit hook etc, which github is trying to still use?