Output is randomized when including Japanese titles

I use wowchemy theme’s ​authors page and people widget, and hugo-academic-cli .
In author page in English name, it shows author’s profile and latest publications.
But, on Japanese name author’s page (ex, title: “浦 大介”) seems something wrong behavior happens.
Some people may see only profiles, others only the latest publications.
It seems to be randomly set to either one at each build.

I prepare a repository that the behavior happened.

I’m not sure it’s a bug or not.

How do I get the author’s page to display correctly if it contains Japanese?
I use starter-hugo-research-group template and hugo v0.84.2+extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate=unknown.

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You created a taxonomy term conflict in publications 0004, 0005, and 0006.

When adding a term to the authors key, you must use “tanaka-taro” or “Tanaka Taro” but not “田中 太郎”.

When adding a term to the authors key, you must use “yamada-jiro” or “Yamada Jiro” but not “山田 次郎”.

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Thank you for your helping!
I try to replace authors in content/publication/*/index.md then I got the desired output.
It would be more pleasing to be able to relate the English and Japanese spellings, but this should probably be discussed in the wowchemy theme forum.

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