Help with author pages

hey guys, new to Hugo but loving it so far. I noticed the new docs (which were much easier to learn from) were taken down recently. Any way to see them again?

Also, I am trying to figure out how to achieve an author landing page with a collection of all that author’s posts in Hugo (like this - )

I have no idea where to begin - Is this a custom taxonomy, or a new type of “post” page? Any code examples would be super helpful. I’d also want to generate a list of authors on the sidebar with photos

I haven’t really looked at this (only started a few weeks ago myself), but I guess one way would be to create an author taxonomy, and then assign an author on each post that way. You could then create an file for each taxonomy entry to add author bio details to the page \ style as appropriate in the taxonomy.html file.

There seems to be a longer discussion here about it: [SOLVED] Multiple Authors w/ Own Article List (

Would be interested for other opinions on this, but a few searches seem to only reveal the above.

Awesome, I’ll start here! Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeh, I am not so sure I would follow the ideas in that link I posted (after re-reading it, it seems more complicated). I think my suggestion is a simple one, and the direction I would probably go if I was to implement.

Happy for others to chime in on their recommendations though.

Hm, if you have a little bit of time, can you give me a basic code example of your suggestions?

I suppose I’d want to define the author of a post on the frontmatter. Where would I place the for each author’s custom bio? Would it be layout/authors/joe/

Sorry, I am short of time to build anything out for you.

However, treat the author exactly like a category - samples found in this section:

Yes, you have the correct place for (note the "" ) and you will need to create the directory.

Hope that helps.

Edit- forums seem to strip out the underscore.

Thanks Jonathan. Will respond if I have additional questions. Appreciate the support :slight_smile:

Yeh, one thing I haven’t thought about is displaying author bio details (apart from the name) on the article page itself, and where my knowledge gets a little sketchy (i.e. it would take me a bit of time to work out).

yeah, what I have so far is I can display the author’s name on the article, and on the sidebar, I can display all authors (just their name). I have to figure out how to display their photos. Also, doesn’t seem to be working for me. Not sure if I have it in the right place or missing some context, but just putting random words in for “joe” doesn’t show up.

I think you have to define fields in the front matter of the, and reference those fields in the templates specifically. I know this works, as I have utilized this myself for other things.

I think what I am going to do is to create a new repo over the weekend, and see if I can build something out.

My knowledge is lacking a little to advise off the top of my head. I will try and post the public repo when I am done. This is something I ought to implement myself anyway.

Thanks Jonathan! I’ll keep digging in the meantime but would love to see a working implementation

I just noticed on the post I linked in my first reply that rdwatters had the same idea (I didn’t quite read the last few entries :smirk: )[quote=“rdwatters, post:15, topic:5837”]
why not keep it simple and create an author taxonomy, add one (or more) authors in your front matter, and then if you want to add content/metadata for any individual author, you do so using an file in taxonomy/author folder. Then you don’t need to use a data file or create these complex partials.

I think the big shift is the addition of the (note the underscore is important!) since you and I last chatted on here a few versions back with Hugo.

So I think we are on the right lines, just need to work out how to access the front matter in the file in this scenario.

Yeah, that’s the approach I’m trying to take. I made the taxonomy, added the authors to the frontmatter, and that’s working. the stuff worked by adding {{.content}} to the layouts/post/, but with the custom taxonomy (/layout/taxonomy/something) it doesn’t seem to be working just yet.

Try this in your template:

 {{ range .Params.categories }}
 {{ end }}

Obviously replacing categories with author or whatever. Please let me know if it works for you. I think it will do it.

I think my problem is that I might be placing something in the wrong place, because neither the or the /layouts/taxonomy/alan.html is doing anything.

Looking at the hugo docs, I think I am doing this but no luck

Can you be very explicit with the paths I should be using for the and the template inside /layouts for adding additional stuff on top of an “alan” author?


For now, alter the single.html and add the following code somewhere:

 {{ range .Params.authors }}
 {{$}} // bio is a frontmatter variable in the author taxonomy
 {{ end }}

(note if you just have _default layouts, change that single.html, otherwise alter the correct one for the content type.)

The code I mentioned adds the bio to the articles only, where that author has been assigned.

Also update your config.toml to add the author category:

tag = ""
category = "categories"
author = “authors”

Please let me know if that is not clear, and I will try to clarify further.

I just updated the location in the preceding post (missed the s off).

FOr the taxoonomy page (i.e author page for each individual author), I have only so far updated the taxonomy.html in the _default.

This won’t really be a good idea for an author, as it will need to be unique (i.e. not change your usual category pages).

According to the docs:

/layouts/taxonomy/SINGULAR.html (e.g. /layouts/taxonomy/topic.html)

so I would guess:


is the correct place.

On this template, you can add params in the usual way. ie.:

{{ }}

Okay! I got the to render for the individual page, and defined the taxonomy template inside /taxonomy/, so everything is so far working. I actually had it right for a while but needed to restart Hugo for some reason. Now I have to dig deeper to figure out how to map a single frontmatter author to its relevant bios, photo url, etc.

Thank you! I may ask more questions as I keep going, but super appreciate it!