With return [name]

Hi ,

i wish use :

for create meta author with blog article author or default author 's website. this code return [Philipp] why [ value ] ?

My FrontMatter is :

title: "Salon Du Chocolat 2020"
date: 2020-01-20T09:30:38+02:00
Featured_image: "/choco.png"
title: "Tours salon du chocolat 2020"
- Philipp
- Chocolat
- Salon

I use a taxonomy for authors


Tell Hugo what are your taxonomies :wink:
Create templates for this taxonomies

hi @ju52 :wink:

yes i use this solution but why [ and ] before and after authors name ?

- Philipp 

call [Philipp] in ma META 

many thanks

You have to build taxonomy templates .

Then content/autheurs/philipp.md can hold the additional information. Try to search for “tag content files”

first ty:

hi @ju52
i was want explicate : i use taxonomy for authors tags and categories. :wink:

OK, do you have a (sample) repository for helping?
Please explain more what you want to get.

Taxonomies are only maps from strings to links of generated taxonomy pages with the corresponding name.
if you set

- Philipp

in your content file, use

{{ range (.GetTerms "auteurs") }}
	<a href={{ .RelPermalink }} >{{ .LinkTitle }}</a>
{{ end}}

to reference the taxonomy page (as sample here).

fill content/auteurs/philipp.md with all what you will add to this auteur.