[OT]:Photo Gallery reads from .md file

I create static pages in my website based on the .md file. One .md file corresponds to one post. Unlike developers who put image under the /image folder. I have the link embedded in the .md file as follow.

#Hello this is a post
#A foo bar baz

![same picture](http://google.com/image1.jpg)
![same picture](http://google.com/image2.jpg)
![same picture](http://google.com/image3.jpg)
![same picture](http://google.com/image4.jpg)
![same picture](http://google.com/image5.jpg)
![same picture](http://google.com/image6.jpg)

This shows lots of images on a single page and I would like to have a gallery for those pics so that they are aggregated into one place.

I am wondering if anyone did something similar before or there is an existing feature for this. Thx

Your question is off topic because building a photo gallery on the frontend is a JS question and we do not provide support for JS plugins in this forum.

There are several themes in the Hugo Themes Showcase that have a gallery functionality. Please have a look at those themes’s source code on GitHub for inspiration and ways to integrate such functionality in a Hugo project.

Got it. Thanks @alexandros

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