Image gallery site using taxonomies: is this the hugo way?

I’m currently developing a theme to support an image gallery site, with multiple gallery pages, each containing sets of thumbnails linking to individual image pages. My approach has been to declare a ‘gallery/galleries’ taxonomy in the config file, and then have a structure that looks something like:


The ‘’ file contains a taxonomy declaration, allowing me to generate menus linking to the various galleries by iterating on hugo’s taxonomy list.

Recent changes to hugo have broken my site (as described here), but while we wait for some resolution – either a bugfix, or a declaration that the breakage was intentional – it occurred to me to wonder whether I’m really doing things “the hugo way”. Is this a good use of taxonomies, or is it contrary to the spirit of how taxonomies are intended to be used in hugo? And if it’s not the right way, is there a better one?

If your site works, i don’t think that anyone will fault you :wink:

Many of these things goes to what Hugo tools do you want to use to interpret your content structure? At the end of the day, this is subjective, but may make editing easier/harder, your templating “simpler” or more “feature-rich”.

For instance, rather than using tags at all, you could just define a template for your “Gallery” section. Hugo is smart enough to pair them up… who knows… Hugo might be doing the exact same thing under the hood in either case. (I think the only difference, is that when using tags, Hugo generates a separate listing page…)