Making static pages render

Hi, I would like to use hugo for a very simple multilingual static site. No items to be listed, just pages for home, contact, a gallery and legal information, in two languages.

I’ve read the docs and the multilingual part seems to be working, what I can’t seem to achieve is actually making hugo render any pages apart from the index in each language.

I’ve tried a structure like this:



Ideally I would like each of the pages to render with their own template, but for now I am just looking to get any output at ll.

I have a template made out of partials at /layout/_default/single.html, but I’ve also tried to render with the hyde theme, just to see if it’s an issue with my template.

I have tried making a subdirectory for each page and calling the markdown index, like english/contact/ or also and then defining the layout in layout/section/contact.html like for instance explained here–index-md/6219/4

I’ve tried this method of setting a type and layout in the front matter of each md file.

I’ve tried to use the file naming scheme for the languages instead of the direcories (like but that also changes nothing.

I’m kind of at the end with this, I would appreaciate any help, even just to debug the issue, the --debug output doesn’t really get me anything recognizable, it outputs warnings about missing taxonomyTerm, but nothing about my contact page or the template not being correct or something.
The hugo output also gives a number of pages depending on how many md files I put, but always 22 static files, it never renders anything except the index.

To troubleshoot the issue we need to reproduce it, so please read Requesting Help and share some code we can clone and build, and I am sure someone will get you set up; we have a lot of multilingual site builders. :slight_smile: