Cannot generate content/foo/

Using hugo v0.34, as, content/foo/ will generate public/foo/index.html without special setting. But I don’t know why this repo does not generate.

did you try to remove the “layout: single” part in the maybe hugo gets confused about templates. the “single” name is kind of a “reserved variable”.

Thank you for advise :+1:
Tried followings, but got same results.

  • Removed layout: single to refer layouts/_default/single.html as you say
  • Created layouts/_defaults/player.html copied from single.html and specified layout: player

@1000ch, when you use, the page use a list template. I suggest you get a page rendering with the templates mentioned in those docs.

Get that working before you choose a layout for the page. It will be easier to debug, because right now I only see a single.html, so we can’t be sure where the issue is.

To use A Page Rendering, still getting no player/index.html when I created layouts/player/single.html (same as layouts/_default/single.html).

I think you need to start from scratch so you understand the template order. If you are having issues getting any template to show, then you can not proceed.

So focus on getting a template to render in a simple example, such as a single piece of content, and then modify it to fit your need.

Finally I got a bug(?) detail. It seems that template things such as order, specifier, place are not problem.

When I execute hugo serve, content/player/ is not parsed at first. But when I edit content/player/, public/player/index.html is created as usual and live-reloaded.

Still I don’t know why content/player/ is not a target of hugo from the beginning.

I believe this is the same issue as this:

which is already fixed in the dev version (master branch). So it will be available in the next (v0.35) release soon.