No theme loaded

i just installed this theme with git submoudle… as mentioned by the documentation, to test locally i have set baseUrl="/" and theme="hargo" , but when browsing localhost:1313 the theme is not loaded, here you can see a screenshot of what is loaded, what am I doing wrong? I know this has been asked a few times, but nothing seems to solve this.

Does the example site work?

Try running hugo server -t "../.." from the exampleSite directory of the theme.

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well nothing changes running it in that way,i opened an issue to the dev on github, can I do anything else? if i push the code somewhere would you be able to test it for yourself?

Yes - seeing your full code is the best way for us to help.

I’ll push in a few hours, many thanks!

i found out that just cloning the theme and running hugo server -D is the same, is there an issue with the theme itstelf?

Cloning the theme works for me.

  1. git clone
  2. cd hargo/exampleSite
  3. hugo server -t ../..

And when I open a browser to localhost:8080 the theme displays exactly as the example screenshots from the theme’s readme.

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