Help a liberal arts major out [custom theme assets not loading]

Set up Hugo new site then git cloned into the ‘themes’ section, the example ‘’. The config.toml in the root/parent folder has a line 'theme = “meghna-hugo” ’

When I try to serve on localhost, no custom css or images are found? New to hugo but I thought the whole idea was being able reference custom themes in their own folders?

I see some instructions to do that and other instructions to copy everything to root. Very confusing. Thanks in advance.

Addendum: I see some authors using git clone and others using git submodule. Any clarification would be appreciated.

Hi, the theme is works fine on my pc. You can try to copy all file inside the exampleSite folder then paste it to the root of your Hugo site.

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I did just that and everything renders now. Thanks for the clarification.