Hugo not loading the theme

I’m very new to hugo.
RIght now i already start with hugo, already installed the theme, testing locally
using “hugo serve”, and everything works.

But the problem is, when i run “hugo” to created the static page, and then
either host is locally or opening the index.html, the website did hot have any theme at all.

Am i missing something? can someone help me?

If you open the index.html by double-clicking it then no theme is visible, because you load the page via file:// link. That is expected. To test locally you run a server either via hugo server or with your own server. Both cases work with a domain name (localhost, IP address, whatever).

hugo creates a website, the end product. Put it on a server, load the URL and it works.

If that still does not work then check the configuration parameter baseURL. It should contain your domain name.

thanks for the answer. I change the baseURL to the new domain name, and now its working.
the reason:

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