Help For a Hugo Newbie


I am a new introduction to Hugo, and I’m coming from a WordPress background.

So please be gentle.

I have been running Hugo on my system and not having very much success with it.

For starters, new posts don’t show up on the website.

And yes the draft status is set to false, and I am recompiling the Hugo server.

Can you please point me towards an easy-to-use theme that works without too much configuration. Any minimalistic blogging theme will do for now.

I just want to see posts and pages showing up on the website.


Check your times. I noticed an issue where I put in a current time and hugo server doesn’t build the page because of the difference between summer time and UTC. You can also tell hugo to build future posts which might help.

Welcome to Hugo, I’ve only recently joined the crowd myself, also coming from WordPress. It can be quite a steep learning curve, especially if you’ve not used a static site builder before.

@TotallyInformation is right. You should also check if you have the timezone you wish to use set in your .md files. If those times are in UTC then your server recognizes that and might not publish posts that are not yet published in his own timezone.

you can run hugo --buildDrafts to see if that will publish the missing posts.

The hugo theme directory has plenty of simple themes. Just read all information in the readme files of the theme you chose, some have additional steps to be configured properly.