Newbie having publishing issue


I’m new to website design so this question could be stupid, but I have been dealing with this for 3 days and I still not able to find the solution.

When I use “hugo server”, everything looks normal and correct, but when I publish it by “hugo”, the index.html is not showing up correctly, what are the possible reasons I should check?

Thank you all!

Could you please sharing your live site?

Or better yet, share your repo.

I guess that your CSS is not loaded. The developer tools of your browser will tell you about that.
But as others have said already: you should provide a link to your repository if you want to receive work and accurate help here.

Here is the repo

Sorry I didn’t know I should include this in the begining

There’s no config file in this repo nor any templates. You probably repo’d only your content directory. And I doubt that it’s a good idea to dump all images there…

Yes, I still need to organize those images, it’s just my first try here.

So I used PaperMod theme, and after hugo, I upload my “Public” folder to github repo. Did I do something wrong here, should I just upload the entire website folder?


Your GitHub repository must contain your entire project, but add public/ and .hugo_build.lock to your .gitignore file. For example:


Then follow the documented procedure for hosting your site on GitHub Pages:


Thank you, I’ll try again and follow this link!