Site has spare index.html once generated from theme

I’m making a new site, with a new theme. While I’m just testing the theme on the built in server, everything is fine.

Then I:

(i) rm public (to purge the public folder and sub-folders)
(ii) hugo --verbose

Everything appears fine. My file structure becomes:


Inside public:

So far, so normal. ‘post’ is copied over from the content folder. However, if I go into post, I see this:

Inside ‘welcome’ there is an index.html, containing the expected article (i.e. it’s generated by in post in content)
However, the index.html in that screenshot contains an old version of the index homepage.

It looks like Hugo has added a stray index.html and index.xml? Or am I missing something?

I am on Windows 7.

What version of Hugo are you using? Can you publish your source in Github or something so that we can verify what you’re seeing?

Hi! I’m using 0.15

Here’s my git repo:

That’s only your theme.

Oops sorry!!!

Here’s a link to a temporary dropbox folder with the site as it currently stands, with the issue:

I have the same problem, if it is an issue, of multiple index.html files.
I also cannot see my styling;