Issue publishing my site


Pls can you help? I’ve looked through a lot of these type of questions on here & tried all the suggestions but I still can’t get it to work. … I’ve published it up to my hosting server using Filezilla FTP but I’m not getting any styling or css.

I’m using an up to date version of Hugo on OSX.
My website is:

It works fine in server mode and I’ve tried debugging the html hosting locally using ‘http-server’

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In the browser, do “View Source” . See the errors in the console in your browser for standard debugging.

Your config.toml file specifies the domain to be https:// . Changing that to http:// and re-publishing should work.


Thanks. I tried that but it didn’t make any difference.


See index.html file in your theme if it has hardcoded https:// . Please share the theme link.

from the looks of the code, it does make a difference. Try re-publishing with http and force refresh in case you have any caching with your web server.

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hi Sairam,

I tried again … and its working this time. Thanks :slight_smile:


Uhm, your website says <meta name="generator" content="Hugo 0.15" /> which is the version from a year ago. The “up to date” one would be 0.17. You might want to upgrade :slightly_smiling: