Website in Hugo server is quite different to the published site

Hi, it’s my first time using Hugo to create a website. The first time of my publish was success, and it’s exactly the same as my server preview. However, after that I added more elements and then it broke down. The links in menu are not working, and as well as the posts. So I guess it might be a problem with the directory structure. I tried Netlify and Github Pages, and they are both different to the one in the server.

I’m using the PaperMod theme, and using a template while modifying. Here is a repo where I’ve uploaded the folder:

Thousands of thanks in advance.

I would look at your baseUrl and add baseURL: with the slash at the end. See if that works.

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git clone --recurse-submodules
cd help

Error: module “PaperMod” not found; either add it as a Hugo Module or store it in

You have specified theme: PaperMod in your site configuration, but you have not included the theme in your repository.

git submodule add themes/PaperMod

Then commit the changes (.gitmodules and themes/PaperMod).


I think adding this works (at least now it’s working well), Thank you so much

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