New Warning: The author key in site configuration is deprecated. Use instead

I just noted a new warning:

The author key in site configuration is deprecated. Use instead.

Of course I tried to move my author configuration.

    name				= 'Martin Krischik'
    image				= 'images/Google-Avatar.png'
    links				= [
      { minds    = ""		    },
      { mewe     = ""	    },
      { steemit  = ""		    },
      { hive     = ""		    },
      { blurt    = ""		    },
      { twitter  = ""	    },
      { facebook = ""   },
      { youtube  = ""	    }

And that didn’t work. What is the correct way to move to the “new” way.

PS: Why change which worked fine? If it works don’t fix it.

Careful. Don’t just change it in place. If you have other parameters in your configuration then the location of the section ([] might be influenced by other [params] sections.

A second issue path could be, that the theme you are using is not calling the author name properly. You will have to search for site.Author occurrences in your theme and replace it with site.Params.Author lines. This is blind typed (I don’t know your exact layout code) and the format of these lines depends on the surroundings. It might be .site instead of site.

Of course I moved the block the correct place where all the other params are. But the 2nd part could well be. I guess I have to wait for the theme (congo in my case) updates as well.

Thanks for the info. I’ll just wait until the theme is ready.

Looks like the theme author is aware of the situation:

That’s only a valid argument of there is an noticeable improvement. I don’t see an improvement. It’s still only a single author for the whole site. The configurations files are not significantly cleaner.

This is false.
Please read the article again.