INFO deprecated: .Site.Author

I tried - and got the following:
INFO deprecated: .Site.Author was deprecated in Hugo v0.124.0 and will be removed in a future release. Use taxonomies instead.

But I’m not using author anywhere. Am I missing something?

Perhaps one of your themes/modules is making the call. Impossible to say without looking at your project.

The only occurrences of “author” within the whole project folder are 2 instances of external JavaScript comments stating the authorship, as well as a few fuzzy matches because I use the word “unauthorized”. Nothing else :thinking:

I’d be happy to have a look if you can share your project, privately if you wish.

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Awesome, I shared the github repo with you!

Got it, and can reproduce it the problem. Thanks for letting us know. Will fix.

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Great, thanks for having a look!

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