New Hugo Theme for Blogging

Hi everyone,

Lately, I have been using Hugo, & netlify for most of my projects. Now that I’m pretty starting to really like the beauty & simplicity of the process, I feel it’s about time I contribute to the community with a theme. I wanted to call the theme swift.

It’s likely that it will take some time before the theme can be added in the hugo themes’ directory. The issue is open here. God only knows how long the process takes; I hope I met all the necessary requirements for inclusion.

I use the template for my personal blog. Hopefully, this is just a start; I look forward to hearing from you guys with suggestions, bugs … that sort of thing. Hope someone(s) will find it helpful :slight_smile:


Well you got a response over here and I suggest that you look into it:

Also this topic doesn’t really belong to the Tips & Tricks, so I’ve removed it from this category.

I can’t find the example site you are talking about on the themes GitHub page

That I mean, it should be nice with a online example

Not sure I understand the question but if you’re looking for the default Hugo Basic Example Site it’s located here:

@Jon_Htc … I’ll add a link of a site using the template as is. There’s already a sample bundled with the theme … see exampleSite

It felt counterproductive to publish it since it uses the contents of basic example that @alexandros mentioned.

Well, I didn’t know exactly how to categorize it since it’s not a question per se :wink: