New Hugo Theme Directory - Built At Lightspeed

Hi Folks,

I launched a new theme directory for static site generators called Built At Lightspeed

We have a very large Hugo category, currently with 316 themes, some of which are premium and many other open-source themes which are not currently listed in the official Hugo themes directory.

I know there are a few other resources like this available now (some I’ve had a hand in creating), but I feel that Lightspeed will be the best. We are looking to invest a lot more time in categorizing, reviewing and curating each SSG category.

I hope you find the directory helpful, feedback is more then welcome. If you are a theme creator and you cannot see your theme, let me know, or submit your theme here

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The font for the prices is too small. Maybe add premium - $49 for example.

People charge pretty good money for some of the themes, I see. Good for them.

The thing I like about

Is that it brings traffic to … the Hugo sites. But it certainly needs a rewamp.


Any suggestions to make the site provide more value to the Hugo Project or open source Hugo theme creators? Genuinely i will consider it.

I’m not sure what you are getting at.

I think he suggests you’re using the Tailwind logo in violation with their brand guidelines.

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Exactly that.

How about some T&Cs? It’s hard to see why someone would add their themes to your marketplace without understanding the conditions, fundamentals like:

What’s your cut?
How quickly do you pay out to creators?
How do you you pay?
Do you calculate and submit the required taxes?
How do you handle refunds?
Who provides support?
Do theme authors retain their rights?
How can an author terminate the agreement?
Under what countries laws do you operate?

Right, I’m not sure how I’m breaking them? Its hard to know what your intention is. Its hard to see how this is important, do you work at Tailwind? If you could be more specific it would be helpful.

I’m not sure the copy could be any clearer:

The Tailwind name and logos are trademarks of Tailwind Labs Inc.

You may not use the Tailwind name or logos in any way that could mistakenly imply any official connection with or endorsement of Tailwind Labs Inc. Any use of the Tailwind name or logos in a manner that could cause customer confusion is not permitted.

This includes naming a product or service in a way that emphasizes the Tailwind brand, like “Tailwind Themes” or “Tailwind Studio”, as well as in domain names like “”.

I feel some level of negativity from you, I’m really not sure why. But ill try and answer your questions in good faith.

whats your cut?
the premium themes we sell are affiliate sales, so we generally get 20-30% commission. We make nothing on the free and open-source themes, we simply send them free traffic.

how quickly do you pay our to creators?
all payments are handled by the affiliate programs, so generally they get paid 1 week - 3 weeks depending on their program.

do you calculate and submit the required taxes
any taxes and fees are calculated as per the terms of the creators individual payment gateway. For example if the theme creator is using Gumroad, and has set their location to France, it should handle all taxes and VAT for that country as per Gumroads tax rules.

How do you handle refunds
again all sales are made through the individual creators, so they provide support. It’s similiar to theme forest or any other affiliate marketplace

who provides support
the theme creators provide support

do theme authors retain their rights
I’m not exactly sure what you mean. What rights exactly?

How can an author terminate the agreement?
Theme creators can withdraw their premium themes from sale using their affiliate programs at any time.
Open source theme creators would need to request that we stop listing their theme. I’ve not had this scenario happen ever, but Id like to think I would handle it promptly.

Under what countries laws do you operate?
Well I’m not a lawyer. It’s just a .com website, that sells themes. I am based in Australia.

There are literally thousands of sites using the Tailwind logo for various reasons. I really don’t see how we are using it improperly.

as I said, if you can be specific about the incorrect usage, then maybe I could fix the issue if there was one.

But honestly at this point I feel like you are just being an arse for no reason?

Thank you.

Any reason why you don’t make these things clear on your website? It’s all very opaque.

My point was that it is extremely unusal to not give any information of this sort on your website. You don’t even have an about page! Are you a sole trader, a registered company? Who knows! Doen’t exactly scream trustworthy does it?

You are using both the logo and the brand in direct violation of their licensing terms.

You can’t use the name or the logo to sell stuff.

The site does not seem untrustworthy at all, It looks extremely professional.

There is nothing wrong with how I am using the Tailwind logo on the site. Again, I don’t know why you’ve decided to make such a point of this, its really quite bizarre.

Ive increased the sizing and contrast a bit on the card. Agree it was to small. Might even turn it into a blue badge in the next iteration.

Some thoughts:

If in doubt of violating Tailwinds brand guidelines, just ask them if it’s okay. The prominent link in the header may be violation - but I am no lawyer.

For me it’s quite unclear what tags I have to set in my GitHub project to get listed for certain categories. There’s a general explaination but not a detailed list of respected tags.

I agree with some other feedback - while there is money involved - that business information about payment is vital (like legal notice, about page, etc.) and missing from the page.

Looking professional is not only about page design (which is pretty neat) but also about the provided information about your business.

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Hi Robert, hi all,

I’m running, a theme repository focused on Hugo and heavily based on the awesome work you did on your previous project. Here are some suggestions taken from the public roadmap:

  • Improve theme selection with more features selectors. For example, “I want a Hugo theme based on Tailwind AND featuring fuzzy search AND Decapcms AND contact form” (even if your internal search already improves things a lot)
  • Scrap the Readme of each theme and offer to browse it from your platform (this is good for internal search, and SEO too, I guess – See also #86)
  • Offer to “One click deploy to Netlify” #4
  • Improve the way theme creators are acknowledged #35
  • Set up a newsletter

Good luck with this new project

@JugglerX Reading this thread, I don’t understand why you’re overreacting the way you do.

You asked for opinions and people are trying to help and maybe you should just relax (drink a coffee or tea) and think about the arguments instead of feeling offended.

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